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Market: New York NY US (+Greenwich/Stamford)

Hello. I’m a girl with many sides. Sophisticated and down to earth. Bubbly and laid-back. I can be a nerdy librarian and a lady of leisure all at once! This art really allows me to indulge in all my sides and I hope you’ll take treat yourself to an up-close witnessing of it 🙂

This is a bit of an escape for me. I’m a professional with a career I love, so why not just double the pleasure with another? I travel between the company’s offices in Connecticut, Manhattan, and Westchester which leaves ample opportunity for us to make a connection. We don’t have any excuse not to indulge in something that makes us happy!

Benefaction begin at $1,200 for up to two hours. Keep in mind that I also love long dates and traveling out of town for rendezvous. So let me know if you had something in mind!

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