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Model Vitae

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Market: New York NY US

Just started dipping my toe in the water here, so be kind 🙂

My name is Inés. I’m an adventurous girl of Hispanic origin; Brazilian to be exact. By day I’m very much a normal girl with a normal life. But like you, I seek a little spice every now and then. This is my way of branching out! Making myself happy by making others happy.

I’m fit and attractive, long dark hair, fair skin, nice build, and an all-around soothing personality. I think you would find me a delight to be around!

*I would request $1,600 for a 2 hour meeting (minimum)

*I would love to join you for an evening date. I would just need some time to plan 🙂 The requested gift for that is $4,000

I can’t wait for us to get acquainted! Reach me by email to make plans. I’ll ask a couple verification questions and we’ll go from there!