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Model Vitae

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Market: Orlando FL US

What the physical stats won’t tell you:

I’m an outgoing Caribbean soul with a zest for life that’s as vibrant as the turquoise waters of my homeland. Born and raised in the tropical paradise of the Caribbean, I’ve got a deep appreciation for the simple pleasures in life. I love dancing to the rhythm of reggae and soca, and you’ll often find me swaying to the music at beach parties or local festivals.

With a passion for exploring the world and immersing myself in new cultures, I’ve got a taste for adventure and a passport full of stamps. Whether it’s sipping coconut water on a pristine beach, enjoying a spicy jerk chicken dish, or embarking on a spontaneous road trip along winding coastal roads, I’m all about embracing the beauty of the moment and creating lasting memories….

Connection details:

$4,000: Overnight | $2,500: 4 Hours | $1,400: 2 Hours | $900: 1 Hour